Commit 820462de authored by COULAUD Olivier's avatar COULAUD Olivier

Fix problem with convergence criteria - now the test is ok.

parent 4a59677b
......@@ -166,8 +166,10 @@ class TestSphericalDirect : public FUTester<TestSphericalDirect> {
printf(" Energy DIRECT = %.12e\n",FMath::Abs(energyD));
// Assert
const FReal MaximumDiffPotential = FReal(9e-3);
const FReal MaximumDiffForces = FReal(9e-2);
double epsilon = 1.0/FMath::pow2(ORDER);
const FReal MaximumDiffPotential = FReal(epsilon);
const FReal MaximumDiffForces = FReal(10*epsilon);
printf(" Criteria error - Epsilon %e\n",epsilon);
Print("Test1 - Error Relative L2 norm Potential ");
uassert(potentialDiff.getRelativeL2Norm() < MaximumDiffPotential); //1
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