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Commit 784714fe authored by COULAUD Olivier's avatar COULAUD Olivier

add comments and fix a bug offset --> periodicOffset ....

parent c1e60eca
......@@ -1956,8 +1956,8 @@ void directPass(const bool p2pEnabled, const bool l2pEnabled){
for(FSize idxPart = 0; idxPart < periodicNeighbors[idxNeig]->getNbParticles() ; ++idxPart){
positionsX[idxPart] -= xoffset;
positionsY[idxPart] -= xoffset;
positionsZ[idxPart] -= xoffset;
positionsY[idxPart] -= yoffset;
positionsZ[idxPart] -= zoffset;
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