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Remove useless convert file (since convert file has been removed)

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#include "FUTester.hpp"
#include "../Src/Utils/FGlobal.hpp"
#include "../Src/Utils/F3DPosition.hpp"
#include "../Src/Containers/FTreeCoordinate.hpp"
#include "../Src/Utils/FConvert.hpp"
#include "../Src/Utils/FMath.hpp"
// compile by g++ utestConvert.cpp -o utestConvert.exe
* This file is a unit test for the FConvert class
/** this class test the list container */
class TestConvert : public FUTester<TestConvert> {
void ValideFMathEqual(){
void ConvertMorton(){
const FTreeCoordinate pos(0,1,10);
const F3DPosition posReal;// = FConvert::MortonToPosition(pos.getMortonIndex(5),5,10.0);
assert( FMath::LookEqual(posReal.getX(),FReal(5.0)) );
assert( FMath::LookEqual(posReal.getY(),FReal(15.0)) );
assert( FMath::LookEqual(posReal.getZ(),FReal(105.0)) );
// set test
void SetTests(){
AddTest(&TestConvert::ValideFMathEqual,"Test Equal");
AddTest(&TestConvert::ConvertMorton,"Test Convert Morton");
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