Commit 764fc9aa authored by BRAMAS Berenger's avatar BRAMAS Berenger
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add an extra order to the epsilon

parent 548749fb
......@@ -133,7 +133,7 @@ public:
FChebSymKernel(const int inTreeHeight,
const FReal inBoxWidth,
const FPoint& inBoxCenter,
const MatrixKernelClass *const inMatrixKernel) :FChebSymKernel(inTreeHeight,inBoxWidth, inBoxCenter,inMatrixKernel,FMath::pow(10.0,static_cast<FReal>(-ORDER)))
const MatrixKernelClass *const inMatrixKernel) :FChebSymKernel(inTreeHeight,inBoxWidth, inBoxCenter,inMatrixKernel,FMath::pow(10.0,static_cast<FReal>(-ORDER-1)))
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