Commit 6acc2df2 authored by PIACIBELLO Cyrille's avatar PIACIBELLO Cyrille
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typo and warning and names ...

parent 0bd6a4a7
......@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ OPTION( ScalFMM_USE_SSE "Set to ON to compile with SSE support"
OPTION( ScalFMM_USE_AVX "Set to ON to compile with AVX support" OFF )
OPTION( ScalFMM_USE_ASSERT "Set to ON to enable safe tests during execution" ON )
OPTION( ScalFMM_USE_MIC_NATIVE "Set to ON to compile in native mode for MIC" OFF )
OPTION( ScalFMM_BUILD_ONLY_LIB "Set to ON to compile ionly the lib (examples are not compiled) " OFF )
OPTION( ScalFMM_BUILD_ONLY_LIB "Set to ON to compile only the lib (examples are not compiled) " OFF )
# Set scalfmm to default libraries
......@@ -93,11 +93,15 @@ class TestChebyshevMpiDirect : public FUTesterMpi<TestChebyshevMpiDirect>{
FVector<TestParticle> finalParticles;
FLeafBalance balancer;
OctreeClass tree(nbLevels,sizeOfSubLevel,loader.getBoxWidth(),loader.getCenterOfBox());
FMpiTreeBuilder< TestParticle >::ArrayToTree(, particles, loader.getMyNumberOfParticles(),
// FMpiTreeBuilder< TestParticle >::ArrayToTree(, particles, loader.getMyNumberOfParticles(),
// tree.getBoxCenter(),
// tree.getBoxWidth(),
// tree.getHeight(), &finalParticles,&balancer);
FMpiTreeBuilder< TestParticle >::DistributeArrayToContainer(,particles,
tree.getHeight(), &finalParticles,&balancer);
&finalParticles, &balancer);
for(int idx = 0 ; idx < finalParticles.getSize(); ++idx){
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