Commit 67e13f42 authored by Quentin Khan's avatar Quentin Khan
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FBasicParticle: remove failure constructor

This constructor's aim was to provide a static_assert message that would
indicate the error. This could have hindered sfinae as the constructor
was seen as existing without failing compilation early.
parent ad5b120e
...@@ -132,21 +132,6 @@ public: ...@@ -132,21 +132,6 @@ public:
) )
{} {}
* \brief Failure constructor, make compilation fail when needed
* This constructor raises a compilation error if the parameter pack for the
* particle attributes is too long.
* \tparam Ts attribute parameter pack
template<typename... Ts,
sfinae_check<!correct_attribute_list_size<Ts...>()> = 0>
FBasicParticle(const position_t&, Ts&&...)
static_assert(!sizeof...(Ts), "To many attributes given to particle constructor");
/// Constructor from tuple equivalent to #data_t /// Constructor from tuple equivalent to #data_t
template<typename... Ts> template<typename... Ts>
FBasicParticle(const std::tuple<Ts...>& ts) : FBasicParticle(const std::tuple<Ts...>& ts) :
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