Commit 63eb707d authored by Quentin Khan's avatar Quentin Khan
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fuseDistribution: add rotation in usage message

parent 7138e25b
......@@ -48,6 +48,9 @@ void usage(const std::string& progname) {
" Duplicate the distribution inside a grid of gx by gy by gz dimensions.\n"
" gx, gy and gz are integers. The grid center is governed by the -c \n"
" option.\n"
" -r rx:ry:rz\n"
" Rotate the distribution around its x, y and z axes. The rotation \n"
" center is the distribution center. rx, ry and rz are in radians.\n"
" --extra-length length\n"
" Length to be added to the final box width.\n"
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