Commit 590e7bed authored by PIACIBELLO Cyrille's avatar PIACIBELLO Cyrille
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Should definitely works on Intel Compiler, tested on Bright cluster

parent 606c12b3
......@@ -6,19 +6,19 @@
//Side effect operators DOUBLE
inline __m256d& operator+=(__m256d & a, __m256d & b){
inline __m256d& operator+=(__m256d & a, const __m256d & b){
return (a = _mm256_add_pd (a,b));
inline __m256d& operator-=(__m256d& a, __m256d& b){
inline __m256d& operator-=(__m256d& a, const __m256d& b){
return (a = _mm256_sub_pd (a,b));
inline __m256d& operator*=(__m256d& a, __m256d& b){
inline __m256d& operator*=(__m256d& a, const __m256d& b){
return (a = _mm256_mul_pd (a,b));
inline __m256d& operator/=(__m256d& a, __m256d& b){
inline __m256d& operator/=(__m256d& a, const __m256d& b){
return (a = _mm256_div_pd (a,b));
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