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......@@ -36,21 +36,15 @@ To use last development states of ScalFMM, please clone the master
branch. Note that ScalFMM contains two git submodules `morse_cmake` and `inastemp`.
To get sources please use these commands:
``` bash
git clone --recursive -b requested_branch
git clone --recursive -b maintenance/scalfmm-2.0
git clone
git clone
cd ScalFMM
git submodule init
git submodule update
### Building
You can do an out-of-source build by creating a `build` folder out of your clone or you can use the `Build`
folder inside your clone.
``` bash
  • What is this maash command? Could not find any program with this name.

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cd scalfmm/Build
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# Use cmake, with relevant options
......@@ -125,12 +119,14 @@ To make it simple, if you want to contribute to the library, create a branch fro
your feature in that branch. Keep your branch up to date by regularly rebasing your branch from the `master` branch to be up
to date. Once your are done, send a merge request.
## Help and News
You can subscribe to the mailing list ( The list is very low trafic (~ 2 mails per year), we will let you know of improvements and releases.
Contact the developers at :
Contact the developers at:
## Folder structure
- include : library core.
- Data : particle distribution examples.
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