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Commit 471bff07 authored by BRAMAS Berenger's avatar BRAMAS Berenger
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update opencl starpu

parent cb43a735
......@@ -328,7 +328,7 @@ struct FOpenCLGroupOfCells {
//< The size of the memoryBuffer
int allocatedMemoryInByte;
//< Pointer to a block memory
unsigned char* memoryBuffer;
__global unsigned char* memoryBuffer;
//< Pointer to the header inside the block memory
__global struct FOpenCLGroupOfCellsBlockHeader* blockHeader;
......@@ -401,7 +401,7 @@ void M2M(__global unsigned char* pole, __global unsigned char* child[8], const
void M2L(__global unsigned char* const pole, const __global unsigned char* distantNeighbors[343],
const int size, const int level, void* user_data) {
const int size, const int level, __global void* user_data) {
void L2L(__global const unsigned char* localCell, __global unsigned char* child[8], const int level, __global void* user_data) {
......@@ -83,7 +83,7 @@ public:
starpu_opencl_get_context (workerDevid, &context);
const int err = starpu_opencl_load_opencl_from_file(filename, &opencl_code, NULL);
const int err = starpu_opencl_load_opencl_from_string(filename, &opencl_code, NULL);
FAssertLF( starpu_opencl_load_kernel(&kernel_bottomPassPerform, &queue_bottomPassPerform, &opencl_code, "FOpenCL__bottomPassPerform", workerDevid) == CL_SUCCESS);
......@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@
#include "../../Src/Core/FFmmAlgorithm.hpp"
#include "../../Src/GroupTree/FStarPUKernelCapacities.hpp"
#include "../../Src/GroupTree/OpenCl/FTextReplacer.hpp"
int main(int argc, char* argv[]){
const FParameterNames LocalOptionBlocSize {
......@@ -47,9 +48,19 @@ int main(int argc, char* argv[]){
FParameterDefinitions::OctreeHeight, FParameterDefinitions::NbThreads,
FParameterDefinitions::NbParticles, LocalOptionBlocSize);
// Initialize the types
struct OpenCLSource{
class OpenCLSource{
FTextReplacer kernelfile;
OpenCLSource() : kernelfile("/home/berenger/Projets/ScalfmmGit/scalfmm/Src/GroupTree/OpenCl/FEmptyKernel.cl"){
kernelfile.replaceAll("___FReal___", "double");
kernelfile.replaceAll("___FParticleValueClass___", "double");
kernelfile.replaceAll("___FCellClassSize___", 4);
kernelfile.replaceAll("___NbAttributesPerParticle___", 4);
operator const char*(){
return "../../Src/GroupTree/OpenCl/FEmptyKernel.cl";
return kernelfile.getContent();
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