Commit 39b13710 authored by COULAUD Olivier's avatar COULAUD Olivier

Code factorization for shareMemory Interpoaltion FMM

parent 57abbf7e
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// ==== CMAKE =====
// ================
// Keep in private GIT
/** \brief Uniform FMM example
* \file
* \authors B. Bramas, O. Coulaud
* This program runs the FMM Algorithm with the interpolation kernel based on
* uniform (grid points) interpolation (1/r kernel). It then compares the
* results with a direct computation.
#include <string>
#include "Kernels/Uniform/FUnifCell.hpp"
#include "Kernels/Uniform/FUnifKernel.hpp"
template<typename FReal, int ORDER>
using FInterpolationCell = FUnifCell<FReal, ORDER>;
template<typename FReal, typename GroupCellClass,
typename GroupContainerClass,
typename MatrixKernelClass, int ORDER>
using FInterpolationKernel = FUnifKernel<FReal,
const std::string interpolationType="Uniform interpolation";
#include "sharedMemoryInterpolationFMM.hpp"
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