Commit 39762a5f authored by BRAMAS Berenger's avatar BRAMAS Berenger

make sure it compile with trunck starpu

parent 71f4cd1a
......@@ -706,7 +706,11 @@ static struct starpu_task *pop_task_heteroprio_policy(unsigned sched_ctx_id)
unsigned child_sched_ctx = starpu_sched_ctx_worker_is_master_for_child_ctx(workerid, sched_ctx_id);
if(child_sched_ctx != STARPU_NMAX_SCHED_CTXS){
starpu_sched_ctx_revert_task_counters(sched_ctx_id, task->flops);
starpu_sched_ctx_move_task_to_ctx(task, child_sched_ctx, 1);
starpu_sched_ctx_move_task_to_ctx(task, child_sched_ctx);
return NULL;
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