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I don't know if theses ideas are relevant since ScallFMM is only supposed to be a library, but as an everyday UNIX // GNU/Linux user, some things struck me.
* About the -f / -infile / -fin argument
For some reason, all tests have similar arguments that differs in name from one to another.
I suggest that this should be standardized as "-if" for "input file" and "-of" for "output file" just like in the dd UNIX command.
Therefore we won't spend anymore time wondering what the proper argument for the tool is.
* About arguments in general
Maybe it would be clearer to use one or two letters when using a single hyphen-minus and full words when using a double hyphen-minus.
Here's an exemple to make my idea clearer:
-h | --help
-v | --verbose
-d | --depth
-sd | --subdepth
-if | --input
-of | --output
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