Commit 2ee638c4 authored by ESTERIE Pierre's avatar ESTERIE Pierre

Adding data path in utestFmmAlgorithmProc

parent dbc5d8bb
......@@ -211,7 +211,7 @@ class TestFmmAlgoProc : public FUTesterMpi<TestFmmAlgoProc> {
void TestAlgo(){
const int NbLevels = 7;
const int SizeSubLevels = 3;
const char* const filename = "../../Data/unitCubeXYZQ20k.bfma";
std::string filename(SCALFMMDataPath+"unitCubeXYZQ20k.bfma");
FMpiFmaGenericLoader<FReal> loader(filename,;
OctreeClass realTree(NbLevels, SizeSubLevels, loader.getBoxWidth(), loader.getCenterOfBox());
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