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Commit 2e28b62c authored by PIACIBELLO Cyrille's avatar PIACIBELLO Cyrille

ajout du fichier de test testTaylorSimple

parent 9c19fed8
#include <limits>
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include "../../Src/Utils/FPoint.hpp"
#include "../../Src/Utils/FDebug.hpp"
#include "../../Src/Utils/FMath.hpp"
#include "../../Src/Utils/FParameters.hpp"
#include "../../Src/Kernels/P2P/FP2PParticleContainer.hpp"
#include "../../Src/Components/FSimpleLeaf.hpp"
#include "../../Src/Containers/FVector.hpp"
#include "../../Src/Containers/FOctree.hpp"
#include "../../Src/Core/FFmmAlgorithm.hpp"
#include "../../Src/Core/FFmmAlgorithmThread.hpp"
#include "../../Src/Core/FFmmAlgorithmTask.hpp"
#include "../../Src/Kernels/Taylor/FTaylorCell.hpp"
#include "../../Src/Kernels/Taylor/FTaylorKernel.hpp"
#include "../../Src/Files/FFmaLoader.hpp"
int main(int argc,char* argv[]){
static const int P = 3;
static const int order = 1;
FPoint rootCenter(FReal(0),FReal(0),FReal(0));
FReal boxWidth = FReal(8);
typedef FTaylorCell<P,order> CellClass;
typedef FP2PParticleContainer ContainerClass;
typedef FSimpleLeaf< ContainerClass > LeafClass;
typedef FOctree< CellClass, ContainerClass , LeafClass > OctreeClass;
typedef FTaylorKernel<CellClass,ContainerClass,P,order> KernelClass;
typedef FFmmAlgorithm<OctreeClass, CellClass, ContainerClass, KernelClass, LeafClass > FmmClass;
typedef FFmmAlgorithmThread<OctreeClass, CellClass, ContainerClass, KernelClass, LeafClass > FmmClassThread;
typedef FFmmAlgorithmTask<OctreeClass, CellClass, ContainerClass, KernelClass, LeafClass > FmmClassTask;
const int NbLevels = 3;
const int SizeSubLevels = 1;
FTic counter;
OctreeClass tree(NbLevels, SizeSubLevels, boxWidth, rootCenter);
FPoint part1Pos = FPoint(FReal(3.75),FReal(0.25),FReal(0.25));
FReal physVal1 = 1;
FPoint part2Pos = FPoint(FReal(-3.75),FReal(0.25),FReal(0.25));
FReal physVal2 = 100;
KernelClass kernels(NbLevels, boxWidth, rootCenter);
FmmClassThread algo(&tree,&kernels);
{ // get sum forces&potential
FReal potential = 0;
tree.forEachLeaf([&](LeafClass* leaf){
FReal fx = 0.0, fy = 0.0, fz = 0.0;
const FReal*const potentials = leaf->getTargets()->getPotentials();
const FReal*const forcesX = leaf->getTargets()->getForcesX();
const FReal*const forcesY = leaf->getTargets()->getForcesY();
const FReal*const forcesZ = leaf->getTargets()->getForcesZ();
const int nbParticlesInLeaf = leaf->getTargets()->getNbParticles();
for(int idxPart = 0 ; idxPart < nbParticlesInLeaf ; ++idxPart){
potential += potentials[idxPart];
fx += forcesX[idxPart];
fy += forcesY[idxPart];
fz += forcesZ[idxPart];
printf("part : %f, fx = %f, fy = %f, fz = %f\n",leaf->getTargets()->getPositions()[0][0],fx,fy,fz);
return 0;
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