Commit 112121f9 authored by BRAMAS Berenger's avatar BRAMAS Berenger
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oups change height by idxleve

parent 619d5875
......@@ -46,16 +46,16 @@ void CheckRank(const FClusterTree<double>& ctree, MatrixClass& matrix,
std::unique_ptr<int[]> permutationOrgToNew(new int[dim]);
for( int idxLevel = 1 ; idxLevel < height ; ++idxLevel){
const int nbPartitions = FMath::pow2(height-1);
const int nbPartitions = FMath::pow2(idxLevel);
std::unique_ptr<int[]> partitions(new int[nbPartitions]);
ctree.getPartitions(height, nbPartitions, partitions.get());
ctree.getPartitions(idxLevel+1, nbPartitions, partitions.get());
std::cout << "\tLevel " << idxLevel << " build blocks\n";
FTic timer;
GridClass grid(dim, height, partitions.get(), nbPartitions);
GridClass grid(dim, idxLevel+1, partitions.get(), nbPartitions);
std::cout << "\tdone in " << timer.tacAndElapsed() << "s\n";
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