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Remove ../Src

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......@@ -36,19 +36,19 @@
#include "Components/FSimpleLeaf.hpp"
#include "../../Src/Kernels/Uniform/FUnifCell.hpp"
#include "Kernels/Uniform/FUnifCell.hpp"
#include "Kernels/Interpolation/FInterpMatrixKernel.hpp"
#include "../../Src/Kernels/Uniform/FUnifKernel.hpp"
#include "Kernels/Uniform/FUnifKernel.hpp"
#include "Kernels/P2P/FP2PParticleContainerIndexed.hpp"
* In this test, we compare the results of the Chebyshev FMM over
* multiple processus and the direct results.
* In this test, we compare the results of the Lagrange FMM on uniform point over
* multiple processes and the direct results.
class TestChebyshevMpiDirect : public FUTesterMpi<TestChebyshevMpiDirect>{
class TestLagrangeMpiDirect : public FUTesterMpi<TestLagrangeMpiDirect>{
template <class CellClass, class ContainerClass, class KernelClass, class MatrixKernelClass,
class LeafClass, class OctreeClass, class FmmClassProc>
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