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    FChebCell/FUnifCell: simplify code · 3ebd26e3
    Quentin Khan authored
    The multipole and local expansion share the same implementation. Their
    types only differ by a template tag parameter. Consquently, the
    `getMultipole`/`getLocal` methods are changed to `get`.
    The method change is propageted to the files:
      - FChebKernel,
      - FChebSymKernel,
      - FChebTensorialKernel,
      - FAdaptChebKernel,
      - FUnifKernel,
      - FUnifTensorialKernel,
      - FAdaptUnifKernel,
      - utestChebyshevDirectPeriodic,
      - utestInterpolationMultiRhs,
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