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Regenerated ChangeLog

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2018-09-20 Sylvain Chevillard <>
* doc/bashevaluate.tex, doc/bashexecute.tex,
doc/implementconstant.tex, doc/remez.tex, doc/sollya.pdf,
doc/time.tex, doc/timing.tex, doc/www/bashevaluate.php,
doc/www/bashexecute.php, doc/www/implementconstant.php,
doc/www/remez.php, doc/www/time.php, doc/www/timing.php, help.h:
Recompiled the documentation
2018-09-20 Sylvain Chevillard <>
* doc/sollya.pdf, doc/sollya.tex, doc/www/sollya.php, implement.c,
mpfi-compat.c, polynomials.c, sollya.1,
tests-lib/tv_implementpoly.reference, tests-tool/libraryexample.c,
version.h: Updated copyrights
2018-09-19 Sylvain Chevillard <>
* tests-tool/check029.sollya, tests-tool/check029.sollya.reference:
Adding non regression tests for bug #21716
2018-09-19 Christoph Lauter <>
* mpfi-compat.c: Patching a small bug in sollya_mpfi_div_z.
2018-09-18 Christoph Lauter <>
* mpfi-compat.c: Still trying to patch '#21716 evaluate returns
incoherent results' And some clean-up for the MPFI compat
2018-09-17 Christoph Lauter <>
* mpfi-compat.c, polynomials.c: Trying to patch '#21716 evaluate
returns incoherent results' Non-regression tests still need to be
2018-08-24 Sylvain Chevillard <>
* ChangeLog: Regenerated ChangeLog
2018-08-24 Sylvain Chevillard <>
* doc/bashevaluate.tex, doc/bashexecute.tex,
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