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Remove a paragraph which was relevant only prior to the upgrade to Jupyter-lab.

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* If Jupyter can't deal with the code, we will use [Coliru]( Coliru is a C++ online compiler; others are listed [here]( ([Wandbox]( deserves a shout out as it enables testing the same code with a great variety of compiler versions).
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## Setting up Jupyter
Normally, everything should be fine after the install command given in the README... but it wasn't for me: some stuff like the LaTeX citation no longer worked.
If that is the case:
- Click on the Jupyter symbol in the upper left corner.
- Click on the tab "Nbextension"
- Untick "disable configuration for nbextensions without explicit compatibility (they may break your notebook environment, but can be useful to show for nbextension development)" (seems to be a [bug](
- Tick "(some) LaTeX environments for Jupyter".
## Few guidelines about Jupyter
You might not be familiar with Jupyter notebooks, so here are few tips to run it smoothly (the _Help_ menu will help you find more if you need it).
In a Jupyter notebook the content is divided into _cells_, in our case we are using two kind of cells:
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