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Adding direct compilation 1

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Please notice the name of the file with the `main()` function and the name of the executable are completely custom; you have no requirement on the names of files and executable.
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If your current machine has the compilers installed it is possible to execute these compilation commands instead of opening the terminal use the ! symbol as follows:
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``` C++17
!g++ -std=c++17 ./2c-Demo/1-HelloWorld/hello.cpp -o hello
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``` C++17
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### Source files extensions
The plural is not a mistake: unfortunately, contrary to many languages, there is no universal convention upon the extensions to use for C++ files. There are widely spread conventions, but a library may choose not to follow them.
Editors and IDE know the most common ones and usually provide a way to add your own spin so that they may provide language recognition and all that goes with it (colored syntax, completion helper and so on).
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