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Add a comment about an alternate method to declare friendship in a template class.

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This way of declaring friendship works but is not entirely fullproof: `print<int>` is hence a friend of `HoldAValue4<double>`, which was not what was sought. Most of the time it's ok but there are 2 other ways to declare friendship; have a look at [this link]( if you want to learn more about it.
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## Type or non-type template parameter
The examples so far are using **type** parameters: the `T` in the example stands for a type and is deemed to be substituted by a type. Templates may also use **non type** parameters, which are in most cases `enum` or `integral constant` types (beware: floating point types parameters or `std::string` **can't** be used as template parameters!)
Both can be mixed in a given template declaration:
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