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Starting from v18.47, the tags in bold are those that might break compatibility in models.
# v19.16
**WARNING**: You will need to reinstall Boost from ThirdPartyCompilationFactory: new version of MoReFEM uses up Boost.Test in its installed version, which was not provided previously.
## ThirdParty
- Support #1401: Update MoReFEM to the latest versions of the third-party libraries.
## Geometry
- Design #1405: In Mesh class, clarify the use of GetIndex() or GetPositionInCoordsList().
- Support #1403: Add a test on compatibility of Ensight and Medit formats.
## Operators
- Design #1408: Rename ActiveStressPolicy InternalVariablePolicy as it will be used soon to describe non active contributions.
- Feature #1381: Add coefficients with a spatial dependency representing a fiber density.
## Gitlab-CI
- Feature #1398: Switch from Catch2 to Boost.Test to handle tests.
- Support #1410: Introduce a script to generate Yaml files.
- Documentation #1406: Add a note about the installation on shell runners on macOS.
## CMake
- Feature #1407: Robustify the compilation of static/shared libraries
- Support #1404: Provide a new Yaml file with tags, hence speeding up the builds by increasing dramatically the chances a cache is already present on the VM picked up to perform the job.
- Support #1409: Stop installing tests (through `make install` or `ninja install` for instance).
## Post-processing
- Bug #1399: Ensight output didn't always place correctly the dofs when a MoReFEM output was translated into Ensight format (the errors appeared when some vertices of the mesh were left unused).
## Miscellaneous
- Support #1396: Fix warnings that appeared after upgrade to XCode 10.2 (and AppleClang compiler).
## Ongoing tickets
- Support #1272: Add DomainListInCoords test in the test suite (it was an old school test previously).
# v19.13
## Gitlab-CI
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