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......@@ -4,6 +4,14 @@ means week 46 of year 2013. Should a second tag be given the same week, an index
Starting from v18.47, the ticket numbers in bold are those that might break compatibility in models.
# v19.52
_Very minor release, with most modifications not even wroth their own tickets and filed under the #859 moniker_.
- Support #1500: Attempt to speed up static analysis tool; full success only for CppCheck.
- Support #1501: Few modifications to help deploy CI for external models (for instance the script used to interpret build log is now installed by the CMake)
# v19.48
- Bug #1498 - #1292: Fix remaining warnings, and a stupid bug I inroduced in visco-elasticity in the conversion from Seldon to Xtensor.
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