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Starting from v18.47, the ticket numbers in bold are those that might break compatibility in models.
# v21.31
## ThirdParty
- Feature #1666: Add a function to symmetrize a `LocalMatrix` which left-up part is filled.
- Support #1674: Add new files to disable locally -Wunused-member-function and -Wunused-function warnings.
## Core
- Bug #1668: some inadequate entries in the Lua input file triggered an assert rather than an exception.
- Support #1671: Add a function which returns the ParallelismStrategy from a MoReFEMData.
- __Feature #1673__: InputData: extend `CoordsMatchingFile` (formerly `InterpolationFile`) so that there may be several in the Lua file.
## FiniteElement
- Bug #1667: Fix an assert that was triggered when several boundary conditions were involved for a same `GeometricElt`.
- Design #1672: Modify the way `GodOfDof` are initialized within a `Model`: instead of creating them sequentially, create each of them in parallel layer by layer. The way `NodeBearer` needed for `FromCoordsMatching` interpolator is thus much less clunky and #1669 wasn't working with the old way to build them.
- Feature #1670: Internal: add a utility to find a `FEltSpace` without knowing the `GodOfDof`.
## Operator
- Feature #1669: Extend CoordsMatching interpolator so that interpolator may be defined in both directions.
## Miscellaneous
- Bug #1663: XCodeConfig: remove the link to libmpi_cxx, removed from the third party libraries required for v21.27.
- Design #1665: Add throughout the code compile-time tests to check whether `parent` alias is truly a parent.
# v21.27
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