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#1406 Add documentation about set up of a macOS runner.

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# Install Miniconda environment
curl -O
conda update conda
conda create -n Python3 python=3
conda activate Python3
conda install six
python -m pip install distro
# Install third party libraries
git clone
target_directory = "/Volumes/Data/ci/opt/clang_{}".format(mode)
python = "/Users/ci/miniconda3/bin/python"
In Conda environment Python3:
# Install gitlab-runner
## As an administrator:
sudo curl --output /usr/local/bin/gitlab-runner
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/gitlab-runner
## As CI user:
gitlab-runner register
Then choose:
- Please enter the gitlab-ci coordinator URL (e.g.
Copy/paste password the choice on ![Gitlab page](../Images/RunnerCredential.png).
- Please enter the gitlab-ci token for this runner:
The token given in Runner page (see image above).
- Please enter the gitlab-ci description for this runner:
You may just repeat the name of the machine... or really put whatever you want (you may change it afterwards anyway).
- Please enter the gitlab-ci tags for this runner (comma separated):
Put the tags for the runner you want to set up, e.g. "macos,debug,shared"
- Please enter the executor:
Choose _shell_.
The runner should now appear in gitlab, but possibly with a grey dot instead of a green one. In this case, type:
gitlab-runner --debug run
which should make the dot green within a minute.
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