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It's highly likely that at some point in the future we switch to gitlab-ci: Jenkins is really cumbersome to maintain and the tools to interact with the outcome are not that great (they were the reason I tried Jenkins first). Furthermore, gitlab-ci would allow to follow in the repository the state of the configuration files (for Jenkins I rely on screenshots put in the Documentation folder...)
# Static analysis / Sonarqube
There are more advanced CI builds, with:
- Valgrind memcheck tests upon many executables (Petsc wrappers and all models)
- A [Sonarqube]( instance, which will displays results of analyze tools such as [RATS](, [clang static analysis]( or [cppcheck](
To trigger these:
- Push to develop branch on the [main project](
- Or push a branch with somewhere in its name _sonarqube_.
For the latter to work, you need to define the environment variable `SONARQUBE_LOGIN` in the gitlab fork of MoReFEM, and assign to it the token generated on your [Sonarqube account](
# Documentation
## Doxygen
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