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......@@ -3,6 +3,48 @@ means week 46 of year 2013. Should a second tag be given the same week, an index
Starting from v18.47, the tags in bold are those that might break compatibility in models.
# v19.13
## Gitlab-CI
- Feature #1360: Introduce gitlab-ci.
- Documentation #1393: Update CI documentation: Jenkins related pages are removed and newly introduced Gitlab-CI is properly explained.
## Scripts
- Feature #1390: Add script to analyze Doxygen log and return the relevant warnings.
- Feature #1383 Create a script to analyse compilation log and extract whether there were warnings.
- Bug #1382: Script to set up CMake was not correct.
- Support #1394: SourceLists.cmake: add a comment inside the file to indicate it's automatically generated.
- Support #1198: Clean-up Python scripts.
## Geometry
- Bug #1392: Ensight expects "vector per node" and not "vectorial per node".
- Support #1389: Deal properly with the exception added in GeometricElt constructor from stream.
## FiniteElement
- Design #1388: In Dof class, make the methods that set the id private.
## Doxygen
- Support #1395: Mathjax is now used to render formula in Doxygen documentation.
- Documentation #1385: Fix partially Doxygen warnings that appeared with more recent versions of Doxygen (others too time-consuming to solve will be filtered out by a script).
## Models
- Documentation #1370: Write a tutorial describing step by step how to implement elastic model.
## Miscellaneous
- Support #1391: Remove warnings from libmesh6.
- Support #1384: Add two warnings to exclude for clang builds.
- Support #1351: Update to XCode 10 on macOS 10.14.
# v18.47
**WARNING:** Some advanced models failed in parallel with gfortran 8 as Fortran compiler; I spent quite some time to investigate it. Finally it is an incompatibility between gfortran 8 and Mumps, due according to Mumps dev to a compiler regression. I have transmitted the proposed parch to Satish Balay (Petsc) and this should be integrated in next Petsc (3.10.3). The bottom line is: if possible don't use gfortan 8 until new version is available (if you can't easily, for instance under recent Fedora, it affects only some CardiacMechanics models so far - see #1348).
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