Commit 48b86056 authored by DIAZ Jerome's avatar DIAZ Jerome Committed by GILLES Sebastien

#1418 Update doxygen documentation.

parent cdd47c98
......@@ -81,13 +81,10 @@ namespace MoReFEM
* \brief Constructor.
* \param[in] relative_tolerance Relative tolerance acceptable between a parameter and its
* recomputation (for instance Young modulus read agains Young modulus recomputed from Lame parameters).
* If they are not deemed exactly equal but close enough, a warning is printed
* rather than an exception thrown. If a negative value is provided, skip entirely those checks.
* \copydoc doxygen_hide_input_data_arg
* \copydoc doxygen_hide_quadrature_rule_per_topology_arg
* \param[in] domain Mesh upon which the InputMicrosphere \a Parameter are defined.
* \copydoc doxygen_hide_quadrature_rule_per_topology_arg
template<class InputDataT>
explicit InputMicrosphere(const InputDataT& input_data,
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