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Starting from v18.47, the ticket numbers in bold are those that might break compatibility in models.
# v19.45
__Warning:__ You need to update third party libraries to [v19.42](https://gitlab.inria.fr/MoReFEM/ThirdPartyCompilationFactory/-/tags/v19.42):
Xtensor dependencies are now added there, and TClap library has been put there rather than kept inside MoReFEM.
__Note:__ due to an issue on M3DIDIM server, Redmine is not available at the time these lines are written, hence the limited precision of the modified content.
## Operators
- Feature #1418: Introduce microsphere operator.
- Feature #20: In Second Piola Kirchhoff operator, introduce the possibility to check whether an element was inverted. Such a check is
commanded through an option in the input data file.
## Utilities / ThirdParty
- Feature #1494: Introduce new header files to handle pragma warnings. The idea is to avoid repeating conditions such as considering a warning
only for a compiler (or worse, a given version of that compiler).
- __Feature #1292__: Replace Seldon by Xtensor for the linear algebra of local operators.
- Bug #1485: LuaFunction: destructor was not properly written and induced a memory leak,
- __Design #1492__: Remove Tclap from the library (it now must be installed outside of it).
## CI
- Feature #177 - #1489: Add Valgrind memcheck analysis for the embedded models and one test.
- Documentation #1497: Generate through GitlabPages the Doxygen documentation of the code (wasn't possible previously for projects in
Gitlab groups).
- Feature #1490: Add Sonarqube in CI analysis; it synthetizes the results of [Cppcheck](http://cppcheck.sourceforge.net/), [RATS](https://security.web.cern.ch/security/recommendations/en/codetools/rats.shtml), [ClangStaticAnalysis](https://clang-analyzer.llvm.org/)
and the [Sonar scanner for C++ by the community](https://github.com/SonarOpenCommunity/sonar-cxx).
- Documentation #1495: Update README concerning CI
- _Standby_: Feature #1497: Add Verrou flaoting-point checks in CI. There is an issue to set it up properly for all VMs (current Docker image works
properly on only half the VMs of the project).
## Miscellaneous
- Support #1498: Various fixes that appeared while upgrading the external models to this version of MoReFEM API.
# v19.36
## Utilities
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