Commit f04b0a8a authored by Bruno Guillaume's avatar Bruno Guillaume

projection des modifs “parseme” dans trunk

parent fcfc7994
......@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ self_doc:
@echo "make mwe --> List and count MWE in Sequoia"
cut -f 1-10 PARSEME-FR/sequoia-ftb.deep_and_surf.cupt_parsemefr | sed "s/_TOCHECK//" | sed "s/TO_REGULARIZE=y|//" | sed "s/PAT6_TODO_MANUALLY=y|//" > trunk/sequoia.deep_and_surf.conll
grew transform -grs tools/sequoia_proj.grs -strat surf -i trunk/sequoia.deep_and_surf.conll -o trunk/
grew transform -grs tools/sequoia_proj.grs -strat deep -i trunk/sequoia.deep_and_surf.conll -o trunk/sequoia.deep.conll
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