Commit 5f6f6f29 authored by Bruno Guillaume's avatar Bruno Guillaume

Fix projections

parent f2338696
......@@ -7,6 +7,9 @@ update:
cut -f 1-10 trunk/sequoia.deep_and_surf.parseme.cupt > trunk/sequoia.deep_and_surf.conll
grew_dev transform -grs tools/sequoia_proj.grs -strat surf -i trunk/sequoia.deep_and_surf.conll -o trunk/
grew_dev transform -grs tools/sequoia_proj.grs -strat deep -i trunk/sequoia.deep_and_surf.conll -o trunk/sequoia.deep.conll
grew_dev transform -cupt -grs tools/sequoia_proj.grs -strat surf -i trunk/sequoia.deep_and_surf.parseme.cupt -o trunk/
grew_dev transform -grs SSQ_UD/grs/ssq_to_ud/main.grs -i trunk/ -o ud/fr_sequoia-ud.conllu
grew_dev transform -cupt -grs SSQ_UD/grs/ssq_to_ud/main.grs -i trunk/ -o ud/fr_sequoia-ud.parseme.cupt
rm -f trunk/ trunk/sequoia.deep.conll
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This diff is collapsed.
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