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The 2.0 release of the Universal Dependency treebanks show the effectivement of the UD scheme
The 2.0 release of the Universal Dependency treebanks show the effectiveness of the UD scheme
to cope with very diverse languages. The next move is to get more of syntactic analysis,
and the ``enhanced dependencies'' sketched at in the UD 2.0 guidelines is an attempt in that direction. In this work
we propose to enrich the enhanced dependencies along two axis: extending the cases of recovered arguments of non finite verbs, and neutralizing syntactic alternations. In order to test its feasibility, we implemented the proposal for two French UD treebanks. Evaluation on a 200 reference sample shows that deep syntactic graphs can be obtained with good accuracy. Further, in such graphs, the number of additional argumental edges is substantial ($17\%$ of arguments of verbs were not in the input surface tree), and a significant amount benefit from syntactic alternation normalization (between $10$ and $14\%$ of the argumental edges, depending on the corpus).
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