Commit 9770b1d8 authored by EL HASSANE GARGEM's avatar EL HASSANE GARGEM
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multipage onboarding

parent 2567162f
var document_images_intro = introJs();
document_images_intro.setOptions({'doneLabel', 'Next page',
steps: [
document_images_intro.setOptions('doneLabel', 'Next page');
document_images_intro.setOptions({steps: [
element: '#nav-doc-tab',
intro: 'Update Document description (Name, Text direction or metadata).<br>',
......@@ -44,12 +44,7 @@ steps: [
element: '#transcribe-selected',
intro: 'Transcribe automatically the selected images.',
position: 'top'
element: '#js-edit',
intro: 'Transcribe, Segment Manually the image.',
position: 'bottom'
position: 'left'
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