Commit 7e6390b1 authored by AGULLO Emmanuel's avatar AGULLO Emmanuel
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skeleton for ttpy

parent 20c9a78c
......@@ -34,3 +34,22 @@
(home-page "")
(license gpl3+)))
(define-public python-ttpy
(name "python-ttpy")
(version "1.2.1")
(method url-fetch)
(uri (pypi-uri "ttpy" version))
(build-system python-build-system)
(home-page "")
"TTPY: Python implementation of the Tensor Train (TT) - Toolbox.")
"Python implementation of the Tensor Train (TT) -Toolbox. It contains several important packages for working with the TT-format in Python. It is able to do TT-interpolation, solve linear systems, eigenproblems, solve dynamical problems. Several computational routines are done in Fortran (which can be used separatedly), and are wrapped with the f2py tool.")
(license #f))
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