Commit adf2e9c2 authored by RILLING Louis's avatar RILLING Louis
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Unit Tests: Fix missing dependency to rerun tests

parent e699ccc8
......@@ -16,5 +16,5 @@ TARGET_RUN_TESTS := $(patsubst %, $(OUT_DIR)/%, $(RUN_TESTS))
for test in $(TARGET_RUN_TESTS); do $$test || { echo "test $$test failed!"; exit 1; }; done
$(TARGET_BUILD_TESTS) $(TARGET_RUN_TESTS): $(OUT_DIR)/%: %.c $(OUT_DIR)/libfake_vm.a
$(TARGET_BUILD_TESTS) $(TARGET_RUN_TESTS): $(OUT_DIR)/%: %.c ../../capi/src/fake_vm.h $(OUT_DIR)/libfake_vm.a
gcc -Wall -o $@ -I../../capi/src -L$(OUT_DIR) $< -lfake_vm -lpthread -ldl -lrt
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