Commit 9ddbdcc0 authored by RILLING Louis's avatar RILLING Louis
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tanproc: Help diagnose test::recv_delayed failures

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......@@ -614,7 +614,8 @@ mod test {
assert_eq!(dst, remote_vsg_address!());
assert_eq!(buffer, EXPECTED_MSG);
let total_usec = tv.tv_sec as u64 * 1_000_000 + tv.tv_usec as u64;
assert!(delay_micros <= total_usec && total_usec <= 10 * delay_micros);
assert!(delay_micros <= total_usec, "Message received too early: before {}us instead of after {}us", total_usec, delay_micros);
assert!(total_usec <= 10 * delay_micros, "Message received really too late: short before {}us instead of short after {}us", total_usec, delay_micros);
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