Commit f4ae259e authored by VIGNET Pierre's avatar VIGNET Pierre
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Fix old bug while calling get_transitions

parent f5ce42e3
......@@ -767,8 +767,8 @@ def graph_isomorph_test(model_file_1, model_file_2, output_dir='graphs/',
# {u'h00': [('Ax', 'n1', {u'label': u'h00[]'}),]
parser_1 = MakeModelFromXmlFile(model_file_1)
parser_2 = MakeModelFromXmlFile(model_file_2)
transitions_1, all_places_1 = get_transitions(parser_1)
transitions_2, all_places_2 = get_transitions(parser_2)
transitions_1 = get_transitions(parser_1)
transitions_2 = get_transitions(parser_2)
# Get all nodes
all_places_1 = parser_1.handler.node_dict.keys()
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