Commit ee89d7fd authored by VIGNET Pierre's avatar VIGNET Pierre
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Fix typos; improve iteration on SCC

parent dcb9557a
......@@ -87,11 +87,13 @@ def add_start_nodes(filePath):
# Get Strongly Connected Components
sccs = staticanalyser.get_frontier_scc()"{} SCC found: {}".format(len(sccs), sccs))"Before adding start nodes:\n"+staticanalyser.get_statistics())"{} SCC found: {}".format(
sum(True for scc in sccs if scc), sccs
))"Before adding start nodes:\n" + staticanalyser.get_statistics())
# Lexicographic sort of nodes in each Strongly Connected Components
g = (sorted(scc, key=str.lower) for scc in sccs if len(scc) != 0)
g = (sorted(scc, key=str.lower) for scc in sccs if scc)
for scc in g:
# Mark the first node as a frontier
LOGGER.debug("SCC {}; first lexicographic node selected:{}".format(
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