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Add missing and useful doc for parse_condition

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......@@ -293,8 +293,19 @@ def parse_event(event):
def parse_condition(condition, all_nodes, inhibitors_nodes):
"""Return valid paths according the given logical formula and nodes.
"""Return valid paths according the given logical formula and nodes;
and set inhibitors_nodes
.. note:: inhibitors_nodes is modified(set) by this function.
:param condition: Condition string of a transition.
:param all_nodes: Nodes involved in transitions + frontier places.
:param inhibitors_nodes: Inactivated nodes in paths of conditions.
:type condition: <str>
:type inhibitors_nodes: <set>
:type all_nodes: <set>
:return: Set of paths. Each path is a tuple of nodes.
:rtype: <set>
LOGGER.debug("CONDITION: %s", condition)
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