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Welcome to CADBIOM's documentation!
Overview of CADBIOM
CADBIOM (Computer Aided Design of Biological Models) is an open source modelling software.
Based on Guarded transition semantic, it gives a formal framework to help the modelling of
biological systems such as cell signaling network.
Cadbiom provides:
- ability to study the behaviour of guarded transitions systems by generating scenarios
(trajectory is a sequence of states of biomolecule);
- tools for the study of the structure and dynamics of biological networks;
- a command line and a graphical user interfaces to build and explore models,
query the dynamics of these models, and work with the trajectories produced.
Free software
Cadbiom is freely available on, distributed
under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
The website also provides a broad range of informations, model library
and documentation.
The user manual is available in `html <../../manual/manual.html>`_ or `pdf <../../manual/manual.pdf>`_ formats.
The main repository is available on the `INRIA Gitlab <>`_
Cadbiom packages are available on PyPI (Python Package Index), the official third-party
software repository for Python language.
- `Library <>`_
- `Command line <>`_
- `GUI <>`_
Cadbiom was born was born at the end of 2009. It has been extensively reviewed,
rewritten and accompanied by technical documentation since 2016.
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