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[lib] MCLAnalyser: Fix typos

parent af63987a
......@@ -204,29 +204,29 @@ class MCLAnalyser(object):
return dimacs_solution_list[nb_activated.index(min(nb_activated))]
def __solve_with_inact_fsolution(self, fsolution, query, max_step, max_sols):
"""Frontier states not activated in fsolution (frontier solution)
def __solve_with_inact_fsolution(self, dimacs_front_sol, query, max_step, max_sols):
"""Frontier states not activated in dimacs_front_sol (frontier solution)
are **forced to be False at start**; solve this and return first frontier
solutions list with this constraint (this number is defined in the
argument: max_sols).
@param fsolution: list<DimacsFrontierSol>
@param dimacs_front_sol: list<DimacsFrontierSol>
one solution to obtain the property in dimacs format
@param query: current query
@param max_step: int - Number of steps allowed in the unfolding;
the horizon on which the properties must be satisfied
@return: <tuple <DimacsFrontierSol>>
@precondition: fsolution is a frontier solution for the query
@precondition: dimacs_front_sol is a frontier solution for the query
# Collect inactivated frontier places
# OLD:
# final_dsol = [[var] for var in fsolution.frontier_values if var < 0]
# final_dsol = [[var] for var in dimacs_front_sol.frontier_values if var < 0]
# Intersection between pre-computed negative values for all frontiers
# and all frontiers (negative and positive) in the given solution
final_dsol = \
[[var] for var in
self.unfolder.frontiers_negative_values & fsolution.frontier_values]
self.unfolder.frontiers_negative_values & dimacs_front_sol.frontier_values] ## TODO: utilisation dimacs frontier_values
# Prepend inactivated frontier places as a start property in DIMACS form
if query.dim_start:
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