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Command line Usage
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Developer overview
Setup the local copy of the code
1. If you are a new contributor, you have to fork the repository
(` <>`_), clone it,
and then add an upstream repository.
More information on: `GitLab doc: forking workflow <>`_.
.. note::
Please note that the currently (2017-2020) active branch of development is named ``pypi_packaging``.
The ``master`` branch is the stable release branch; please avoid proposing pull-requests on this branch except for bugfixes.
.. code-block:: bash
$ # Clone your fork
$ git clone -b pypi_packaging<your_username>/cadbiom.git
$ # Add upstream repository
$ git remote add upstream
Now, you should have 2 remote repositories named (``git branch``):
- upstream, which refers to the Cadbiom repository
- origin, which refers to your personal fork
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| 2. Develop your contribution:
Pull the latest changes from upstream:
.. code-block:: bash
$ git checkout <branch_of_reference>
$ git pull upstream <branch_of_reference>
Create a branch for the feature you want to work on; the branch name should be explicit and if possible related to an
opened issue (Ex: Issue number *000* in the following).
.. code-block:: bash
$ git checkout -b bugfix-#000
**Make small commits with explicit messages about why you do things as you progress** (``git add`` and ``git commit``).
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| 3. Submit your contribution:
Push your changes to your fork:
.. code-block:: bash
$ git push origin bugfix-#000
Go to the GitLab website. The new branch and a green pull-request button should appear.
To facilitate reviewing and approval, it is strongly encouraged to add a full description of
your changes to the pull-request.
Build environment setup
Once you’ve cloned your fork of the Cadbiom repository, you should set up a Python development environment tailored for Cadbiom.
See the chapter `Setting up a virtual environment <./installation.html#setting-up-a-virtual-environment>`_ of the installation process.
Then see the chapter `Setting up a virtual environment <./installation.html#install-the-development-version>`_.
Please `report bugs on GitLab <>`_.
Working with Cadbiom source code
The source code is divided into 3 Python packages found in 3 folders at the root of the repository:
================== =============== =======================================
Directory Python package Description
================== =============== =======================================
``./gui`` ``cadbiom-gui`` Graphical User Interface
``./command_line`` ``cadbiom-cmd`` Command line
``./library`` ``cadbiom`` Library used by the 2 previous packages
================== =============== =======================================
.. note::
All existing modules belonging to the above packages
is not (yet) fully described in the following technical documentation.
Indeed, only the essential modules, and especially those that have been
sufficiently reviewed and documented, are mentioned.
Technical documentation
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