Commit 8ae2efc5 authored by VIGNET Pierre's avatar VIGNET Pierre
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[lib] CLUnfolder: Remove questionable opti in squery_solve()

parent db0e8396
......@@ -1197,16 +1197,6 @@ class CLUnfolder(object):
# until max_step is reached.
# Otherwise, __steps_before_check is set to (maxstep - 1) only
# to allow us to search solutions for the last step (max_step).
# Thus, as we know the current loop is for the
# last step only, we do not need to make merge temp_raw_solutions
# with raw_solutions
# => The while loop is stopped now and we return solutions
# or an empty list
## NOTE: this optimization is questionable
if self.__steps_before_check == max_step - 1:
if temp_raw_solutions:
return temp_raw_solutions
return []
if temp_raw_solutions:
raw_solutions += temp_raw_solutions
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