Commit 7823a878 authored by VIGNET Pierre's avatar VIGNET Pierre
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[lib] Add doc/todo remarks in get_frontier_scc()

parent 67c448dc
......@@ -372,13 +372,23 @@ class StaticAnalyzer(object):
# if the transition comes from outside scc,
# we try to detect if scc may be reached with this trans
# Note: this time we use the real symb_table with
# frontiers active; not a fake one with all places in scc
# disabled.
# TODO: detect if the in_transition comes from a frontier
# may be sufficient to detect if the SCC is reachable.
if not in scc :
cond = self.__tr_estim(in_trans, pe_visitor,
"scc validated as a cyle ?: " + str(cond)
# a mon avis, ne renvoie jamais un resultat superieur a 0
# car tvi.tab_symb initialise toutes les places a 0
# et pe_visitor est initialise avec les places de la SCC a -1
# le 1 (True) semble impossible (sauf oposition de signe
# avec l'operateur not).
# LOGGER.warning(
# "scc validated as a cyle ?: " + str(cond)
# )
# Guard of the transition is True
# (not False or indeterminate),
# so scc may be reached from other part of the model
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