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[lib] XmlVisitor: Add doc. Awesome

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......@@ -67,7 +67,20 @@ LOGGER = cm.logger()
class XmlVisitor:
"""Visitor used to generate xml cadbiom code when the model is exported."""
"""Visitor used to generate XML Cadbiom code when the model is exported.
:param model: Chart model - Cadbiom model
:param fact_list: List of fact ids found in all the transitions.
:param xml: xml string representation of the model
:param symb: symbol set used to check double naming of nodes;
Double declarations are problematic.
:param default_node_attributes:
:type model: <ChartModel>
:type fact_list: <list <str>>
:type xml: <str>
:type symb: <set>
:type default_node_attributes: <tuple <str>>
def __init__(self, model):
self.model = model
......@@ -78,8 +91,11 @@ class XmlVisitor:
def visit_chart_model(self):
Entrance point
"""Entrance point for visitors
Called by the constructor and by the
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