Commit 697d7d49 authored by VIGNET Pierre's avatar VIGNET Pierre
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[gui] Add 1 tooltip on 'load file' button of simulator

parent 66dd2c05
...@@ -138,12 +138,12 @@ class ChartSimulControler(object): ...@@ -138,12 +138,12 @@ class ChartSimulControler(object):
button.connect("clicked", self.on_chrono) button.connect("clicked", self.on_chrono)
# input file choser (disconnected when ic are computed) # input file choser (disconnected when ic are computed)
button = self.wtree.get_widget("input_file_button") input_file_button = self.wtree.get_widget("input_file_button")
if not self.sim.has_input(): if not self.sim.has_input():
button.set_sensitive(False) input_file_button.set_sensitive(False)
button.connect("clicked", self.on_input_file_selected) input_file_button.connect("clicked", self.on_input_file_selected)
if icseq: if icseq:
button.set_sensitive(False) input_file_button.set_sensitive(False)
# step button # step button
button = self.wtree.get_widget("stepbutton") button = self.wtree.get_widget("stepbutton")
...@@ -177,6 +177,12 @@ class ChartSimulControler(object): ...@@ -177,6 +177,12 @@ class ChartSimulControler(object):
button = self.wtree.get_widget("extractbutton2") button = self.wtree.get_widget("extractbutton2")
button.connect("clicked", self.on_extract, True) button.connect("clicked", self.on_extract, True)
# Tooltips
self.tooltips = gtk.Tooltips()
self.tooltips.set_tip(input_file_button, "Load one solution from a file")
# register itself for parent or emvc # register itself for parent or emvc
if parent: if parent:
parent.win_register(self) parent.win_register(self)
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