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Full patch for multiple letters in places names

parent 7a169a8e
......@@ -19,8 +19,10 @@ run_gui:
@echo Unit tests...
$(CMD_PYTHON) -vv debug compute_macs bio_models/mini_test_publi.bcx P --steps 10
$(CMD_PYTHON) -vv debug compute_macs bio_models/mini_test_publi.bcx Px --steps 10
@# cluster unit tests
@#../.local/bin/py.test test
$(COMMAND) --version
<model xmlns="http://cadbiom" name="bicluster">
<CSimpleNode name="Ax" xloc="0.147314949202" yloc="0.673568818514"/>
<CSimpleNode name="n1" xloc="0.291727140784" yloc="0.673568818514"/>
<CSimpleNode name="C1" xloc="0.375907111756" yloc="0.590742996346"/>
<CSimpleNode name="n2" xloc="0.380986937591" yloc="0.756394640682"/>
<CSimpleNode name="Px" xloc="0.709158557959" yloc="0.761117190859"/>
<CSimpleNode name="Bx" xloc="0.152394775036" yloc="0.83922046285"/>
<CSimpleNode name="n3" xloc="0.334111731697" yloc="0.809913041228"/>
<CSimpleNode name="n4" xloc="0.301423706607" yloc="0.915843983279"/>
<CSimpleNode name="C2" xloc="0.547730785232" yloc="0.811018900267"/>
<CSimpleNode name="C3" xloc="0.54041176991" yloc="0.914625956482"/>
<transition name="" ori="Ax" ext="n1" event="" condition="" action="" fact_ids="[]"/>
<transition name="" ori="n1" ext="C1" event="h0" condition="" action="" fact_ids="[]"/>
<transition name="" ori="n1" ext="n2" event="h1" condition="C2" action="" fact_ids="[]"/>
<transition name="" ori="n2" ext="Px" event="" condition="C1 and not C3" action="" fact_ids="[]"/>
<transition name="" ori="Bx" ext="n3" event="h2" condition="" action="" fact_ids="[]"/>
<transition name="" ori="Bx" ext="n4" event="h4" condition="" action="" fact_ids="[]"/>
<transition name="" ori="n3" ext="C2" event="h3" condition="" action="" fact_ids="[]"/>
<transition name="" ori="n4" ext="C3" event="h5" condition="" action="" fact_ids="[]"/>
......@@ -14,17 +14,17 @@ import pytest
def feed_output():
return ['A\tB\n'], \
['A B\n', '% h2\n', '% h3\n', '% h0 h1\n', '%\n'], \
return ['Ax\tBx\n'], \
['Ax Bx\n', '% h2\n', '% h3\n', '% h0 h1\n', '%\n'], \
def test_output(feed_output):
"""Output must be:
Ax Bx
cam complete:
Ax Bx
% h2
% h3
% h0 h1
......@@ -33,16 +33,16 @@ def test_output(feed_output):
with open("result/mini_test_publi_P_cam.txt", 'r') as file:
with open("result/mini_test_publi_Px_cam.txt", 'r') as file:
found = [line for line in file]
assert found == feed_output[0]
with open("result/mini_test_publi_P_cam_complete.txt", 'r') as file:
with open("result/mini_test_publi_Px_cam_complete.txt", 'r') as file:
found = [line for line in file]
assert found == feed_output[1]
with open("result/mini_test_publi_P_cam_step.txt", 'r') as file:
with open("result/mini_test_publi_Px_cam_step.txt", 'r') as file:
found = [line for line in file]
assert found == feed_output[2]
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