Commit 3111de04 authored by VIGNET Pierre's avatar VIGNET Pierre
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[lib] CLU: add doc; fix typos

parent 4bf9466f
......@@ -1638,9 +1638,12 @@ class CLUnfolder(object):
## TODO: check shift_direction too (not urgent, backward is not usable)
# PS: no check if the system has changed with the same number of literals
# but different ones. This is assumed by init_with_query().
if old_shift_step != self.__shift_step \
or self.__include_aux_clauses_changed \
or not self.__dynamic_constraints:
# __include_aux_clauses_changed is modified only if text properties
# has changed if check_query is activated.
# __shift_step is only impacted by text properties.
if (old_shift_step != self.__shift_step
or self.__include_aux_clauses_changed
or not self.__dynamic_constraints):
# The size of the system has changed,
# or aux_clauses flag has been updated (so the system has changed),
# or the system has never been initialized before.
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