Commit 1e1449cd authored by VIGNET Pierre's avatar VIGNET Pierre
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Fix mistake, sorry <3

parent 41a018bf
......@@ -453,8 +453,8 @@ def parse_event(event):
raise AssertionError("You should never have been there ! "
"Your expression type is not yer supported...")
def filterSigExpressions(listOfExpr):
return [filterSigExpression(expr) for expr in listOfExpr]
# def filterSigExpression(listOfExpr):
# return [filterSigExpression(expr) for expr in listOfExpr]
# Error Reporter
err = Reporter()
......@@ -465,9 +465,11 @@ def parse_event(event):
event_sexpr = compile_event(event, symb_tab, True, err)[0]
# Filter when events
g = (filterSigExpression(expr) \
for expr in treeToExprDefaultsList(event_sexpr))
eventToCondStr = \
{event_name: event_cond for event_name, event_cond in
{event_name: event_cond for event_name, event_cond in g}
LOGGER.debug("Clocks from event parsing: " + str(eventToCondStr))
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